From Zembin, Belarus in 1904 the S/S Waldersee brought our David Schiff to America
1912 - 2012
Celebrating 100 Years




Welcome to the website originally created in 2000. Today, February 26th, 2012 we celebrate a whole new look and online experience in honor of our family. This, our 100th anniversary celebration brings us all much closer, almost all 4000 of us living both here in the U.S. and all around the world.

Who better for us to remember and give thanks to than David Schiff, the very first Shifrin to come over and start a new life in America. That would have been enough but he served his family in official capacities.

Special thanks to our family historian Greg Livschitz who has carried all of us forward into the 21st century. He did this one at a time, by hand, by computer and then took us all over to This unique family genealogy website helps us stay connected, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and manage wonderful births and unfortunate deaths. Greg has personally dedicated 1000's of hours to maintain our records that started before any of our forefathers came over from Zembin, Belarus (now known as Russia) to their arrival in America.

The main focus for our unique multi-generational family website includes maintaining the original and perfect records of our grandparents, great grandparents and before. This twelve year project will now move forward here on for many years to come. This website was originally created in memory of Gerald (Jerry) Alan Shifrin, son of Rose and Leo Shifrin and grandson of Minnie and Nissan Shifrin by his (Jerry's) daughter, Laura. Today February, 2012, this website continues in his memory.